Good Links For CCNA

Really close list of exam questions:


4 Responses to “Good Links For CCNA”

  1. PP Says:

    I am going to write My CCNA next week….
    Can you suggest some special guidlines for the same….

  2. zitizonx4 Says:

    Hi PP,

    I passed my CCNA few days ago. Do those questions in that blog. And if you can download pass4sure latest version questions for CCNA. I guarantee you will pass the exam if you go through them few times. Pass4sure has 250 questions. Try this link to download pass4sure CCNA questions.

    Study the NAT simulation question. But the network address might be different, so be carefull when you configuring it.

    Good Luck !

  3. Alana Says:

    Hi, I am going to take my CCNA exam this week. Just want to share with you the new lab cisco has added recently

  4. ZitizonX Says:

    Hello Alana,

    Thanks for sharing the information with me. Please be in touch, I will be uploading new items to this blog. Such as how to pass CCNA, How to gain the CCNA knowledge, What are the main areas and what companies expect from CCNA level employee, what are some good books available and what is next after CCNA? Currently I am undertaking MCSE course and CCNA Security so please share your Cisco knowledge and CCNA experience with us 🙂

    Good luck for you CCNA exam.

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