Cisco POE Switches Switch ports Can be Power Disabled

For some reason one of the poe switch Cisco 3750 was not providing enough power to IP phones. When plug an IP phone it will take the power from another IP phone which plugged in to the same switch.

I had two options, either provide IP phones power by an adapter or shutdown the power of few other switch ports which they don’t use the power feature.

How to disable power on a switch port?

Step 1
configure terminal – Enter global configuration mode.

Step 2
interface interface-id – Enter interface configuration mode for the physical interface to be configured.
eg: interface fa 0/1

Step 3
power inline {auto | never} -Configure PoE on the interface:
eg: power inline never

Step 4
end – Return to privileged EXEC mode.

Step 5
show power inline [interface-id | module switch-number] – Display PoE status for a switch or switch stack, for the specified interface, or for a specified stack member.

Step 6
write memory- Save your entries in the configuration file. Else when the switch restarts all the changes will be lost.