CCNA Security – Yes I passed.

Another exam and yes it was another milestone. In fact it was a really good one, because I use the knowledge at work which I gained by doing this certification. Plus security is one of my favorite area of interest.

Because I am so passionate about security and I have been reading security related articles and tutorials since I was 17, this exam was really easy for me. Difficulty level I would say 6/10.

Most important thing(s) I have learn from this course

Layers of security – you will have good understanding of levels of security in Information Security. If you dont understand this then you wont go any where with security.

Good introduction to Cryptography, Encryption, VPN technologies, ACLs – I would highly recommend this course marital for listed areas.

Study Materials I used

CCNA Security Official Book – I personally purchased this book for AUD $54, you can download this for free from the web – [My rating 8/10]

CBT Nuggets Series for CCNA Sec by Jeremy Cioara – You can purchase this online from CBT nuggets – [My rating 10/10]

Pass4sure Questions for CCNA sec -Look  some questions are really stupid. Some of them doesnt even give any real life exp at all. But hey you need to pass the exam some how. Just go through those 138 odd questions from Pass4Sure few times before you go to the exam – [My rating 9/10]

Whats next for me – Hmmm few modules of CCSP, CCNP Routing Module, CCNA Voice and Certified Ethical Hacker course.


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